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“Golden (ZIRCONIUM NITRIE ALLOY) knee is one of the best implants as its wear and tear is very low and it also prevents any allergic reaction,”the pinnacle of German technology.

Gold knee joint revolutionises replacement surgery. Patient with the golden knees Is comfortable ,walking happily and very satisfied with the replacement surgery done by Dr Patil

The Gold Knee Replacement implants is with seven layers of special coatings which act as a barrier between the skin and the metal which ward off allergies and infection. It is believed that this new knee could last for 20-25 years, substantially more than the 15-20 years that(Regular IMPLANTS) cobalt chromium alloy and polyethylene implants are effective.

Cobalt chromium and titanium are among the most commonly used metals and alloys in regular implants. Many people had allergic reactions to the various metals used in conventional joint implants, which could also lead to reaction, infection & aseptic loosening. Cobalt chromium impants also have nickel in them which can cause health problems such as toxicity.

The golden Knee Replacement surgery is about three times more expensive than the conventional one.
Zirconium alloy( GOLDEN KNEE) is used in a new ceramic knee implant.. The new combination can be lubricated, which results in a smoother and easier articulation through plastic.

Another important characteristic of this material is that it is biocompatible, meaning that people who have nickel allergies and cannot have knee implants made of cobalt chromium alloy (because nickel is an ingredient of cobalt chromium alloy). Zirconium alloy implants eliminate the risk to nickel-allergic patients because this new material contains no nickel.
Longevity ❚ reduction in wear❚ unmatched hardness
Allergy Prevention ❚ metal ion release below biological threshold
Designed for Performance ❚ prevention of mechanical ablation
❚ degrading in hardness❚ improved elastic modulus

Important function of replaced knee so as to closely mimic a patient’s natural knee and way to prevent wear and tear of the implant, so that it lasts the entire lifetime of the patient. patients who’ve got this implant have reported back saying they can easily sit cross-legged. Many elderly persons

Dr Vivek S Patil has operated more than a thousand cases of joint replacement and arthroscopy cases with high success rate and patient satisfaction, has operated case complex knee replacement, hip replacement , shoulder replacement ,arthroscopy (key hole surgery), unicondylar knees, advanced baring implants ,minimally invasive surgeries .

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